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Help Steve use his decades of government leadership experience to build a better Gahanna!

Vote Browne on November 7th!

 for Mayor of Gahanna  

Steve's Vision

A forward-thinking Gahanna that (1) preserves its existing resources, (2) collaborates with city partners to leverage its finite assets and (3) unifies ALL of its citizens under a unique brand that attracts new businesses and visitors for sustained, long-term growth.


"Gahanna Is About  Community!"

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Steve's Leadership

Upon Browne's retirement from the military, he embarked on a whole, new career path as a high school and middle school administrator.  Currently, he works for Dominion Middle School where he's served as Assistant Principal for the past 6 years.  DMS has outperformed the rest of the district, especially in reading literacy and attendance.  Browne attributes that success to "the cohesion between the building’s leadership team, which includes its stalwart teachers."  Browne says that he plans to spend the next few months meeting with other community leaders to more closely zero in on Gahanna’s most pressing needs.  See more.

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All Hands In

Get Involved


It's easy!  Pick a date, gather friends & click to submit your contact info. Backyard BBQ? Sunday brunch? Neighborhood block party? Steve would love to meet your neighbors & friends!

Need a Yard Sign?

May 6, 2023

Keep requesting those yard signs!  Team Browne will happily deliver a VOTE BROWNE sign to your yard the week of September 25th!  Click HERE to proudly show that you BELIEVE in Steve!


"[Competing] is different than working hard. Working hard is something that a lot of people do. Billions of people around the world ... billions of people work hard in whatever job they do. But not everybody is wired to compete."

 Kara Lawson, Head Coach Duke Women's Basketball

"For the past 3 years, Gahanna has worked hard.  Now, it's time for Gahanna to compete."

Steve Browne


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