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How Do We Build a Better Gahanna?



Gahanna needs smart economic development, strategic planning and housing affordability.  To achieve my goals, I would:

(1) Work with residents and collaborate with stakeholders to create a smart business development plan through a transparent and inclusive design process and adopt that plan after the community has a meaningful opportunity to weigh in.  Our community-driven plan will create a unique identity for Gahanna, bolster the city’s major business corridors and foster a thriving arts community.

(2) Increase walkability and ensure safety in our community by thoughtfully investing in our parks and neighborhoods and ensuring timely, compliant maintenance of city sidewalks and infrastructure.

(3) Guarantee that residents of all generations have access to quality affordable housing by eliminating code and zoning barriers, ending overreliance on levy and bond initiatives and encouraging home development in a variety of types, sizes, price points.

(4) Build a better Gahanna through “principal'd leadership” based on honesty, integrity and trust.



On Nov. 5, 2019, Gahanna voters passed Issue 12, a 1% income-tax rate increase which was expected to generate about $9 million per year for city maintenance and improvements.


Proper stewardship of these dollars required City leadership to:

(1)  prioritize street, sidewalk, building and park maintenance and ADA compliance,

(2)  stop the revolving door of city employees in order to provide adequate city staffing to timely complete projects and answer residents' calls, and

(3)  spend within its means.


Instead, issue 12 funds have been poorly managed over the past few years costing the City millions of dollars that it simply does not have.  At the same time, through neglect of the City’s outdated charter, the current administration wasted $75,000 on a useless primary election in May 2023 and continues to discourage new businesses with antiquated zoning, building and business regulations and restrictions.



The issue of bodily autonomy is not a government issue.  I am the father of two intelligent daughters who are more than capable of making their own decisions about their own bodies.  No woman should have fewer rights today than were available to women fifty years ago.  I'm voting YES on Issue 1.  Likewise, I'm committed to creating a leadership team that represents all of Gahanna.

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